Celebrating Bagel Donations to Mobile Meals of Knoxville

person making bagels

In October-December of 2021, K Brew donated over 800 bagels to Mobile Meals of Knoxville. Now in 2022, we’re hoping to continue and exceed our donation numbers from last year! 

For our communities to be sustainable and socially harmonious, small businesses need support, more now than ever. And at K Brew, we are committed to remembering that it’s a two-way street and our community needs us just as much as we need them.

 Households are relying on food banks now more than ever, and visits that Mobile Meals make within the community have increased accordingly. Businesses and local farming organizations help Mobile Meals meet its challenge – it can’t be done without the help of their partners. K Brew hopes that its past and future donations help Mobile Meals achieve its mission. Anyone can chip in: from a neighborhood coffee shop to a national food manufacturer, we believe we all owe it to the community that has supported us.

 K Brew has made it a goal to constantly donate food to qualified charitable organizations in Knoxville. Having their hard work contribute to the well-being of the community is a source of pride for our front-line bakers and baristas, alike.

 Mobile Meals is doing amazing work by providing mid-day meals to Knox County citizens in need, five days a week and on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Citizens who are at least 60 years old and are unable to leave their home without assistance or who cannot cook for themselves and have no one to prepare meals for them are eligible for the program. Until a few years ago, Mobile Meals were only offered to the most vulnerable, but over the years, they’ve decreased the age of eligibility, making them an even more valuable service in Knoxville. 

man in apron

 Home-delivered meals are a great way for elderly people to continue living independently. This group in need is rapidly growing, and it’s a challenge that East Tennesseeans can solve through organizations like Mobile Meals.

 With community support from businesses like K Brew, progress is being made to reach out to older adults before they reach a critical point, which will enable them to remain at home longer. In Tennessee, Mobile Meals is one of the few programs that does not have a waiting list – they truly are ready to serve. 

 By supporting K Brew, you are also supporting Mobile Meals and the Knox County citizens, and for that, we thank you.