If you’re in the Knoxville area and you love a great cup of coffee, you may already be familiar with K Brew. But the coffee shop is not only the home to delicious coffees, lattes, and espressos! It is also a leader in the initiative to keep the city of Knoxville looking pristine, with its sponsorship of city clean-up events put on by Keep Knoxville Beautiful.

Efforts like these events help to promote the idea of a community working together to support one another, never more important than now. Everyone should be able to take pride in their community, and keeping it clean is a perfect way to promote this philosophy.

Keep Knoxville Beautiful Events

Keep Knoxville Beautiful

The Keep Knoxville Beautiful (KKB) is an organization with a mission to empower the communities of Knox County to improve environmental consciousness and to keep their home towns looking beautiful. For more than 40 years, KKB has teamed up with volunteers in the local community to remove litter and lead environmental education initiatives to help beautify Knoxville and its surrounding communities.

As an official sponsor for all of KKB’s quarterly clean-up events, K Brew will be a playing a critical role in providing the support necessary for their success. The financial support from K Brew will help to bolster KKB’s efforts in their North Knoxville Community Cleanup, Third Creek Clean Paddle, and November Spruce Up, just to name a few of the wonderful events.

KKB’s Annual Orchids Awards

The Orchids Beautification Awards

In addition to successful cleanup events, KKB hosts an annual ceremony called the Orchids Awards. This event, which started back in 1979, is aimed at recognizing the greatest achievements from members of the Knoxville and Knox County communities in the pursuit of beautifying the community. Among those submitting their projects for award consideration are architects, artists, developers, and individual community members. 

The Orchids Awards are a great way to emphasize the hard work and dedication put into the clean-up, restoration and architecture efforts by Knoxvillians. The proceeds of the ceremony flow back into KKB to help support future events and further promote making and keeping the Knoxville area beautiful.

K Brew will also be a Clean Sponsor for the Orchid Awards in addition to its sponsorship of the quarterly clean-up events.  This support will help KKB put on the best Orchids Awards possible and further promote the environmental efforts of the organization. The ultimate goal is to show appreciation for those who have sacrificed their time and put in the work to make their community beautiful.

K Brew Cares

K Brew is comprised of passionate people who care about our community, and we strive to give back to the very people who visit our stores. When members of our community walk in to order their favorite latte and bagel, they’re not only supporting a local company, but beautifying their city as well. We’re proud of this sponsorship and look forward to the future with Keep Knoxville Beautiful!