What Does Your Favorite Bagel Say About You? 

There are different types of people, just as there are different types of bagels. It may seem like an odd comparison, but let’s not forget, we’ve all done those, “what type of bread are you?” quizzes on the internet before. So, it might not be all that odd when you really get down to it. 

As we go about our daily lives, we make decisions about what foods to eat and what to put on them (apple cinnamon cream cheese, anybody?) and these decisions have a lot to do with who we are deep down. 

In fact, we’ve noticed some trends when it comes to what types of people order what types of bagels. 

You can tell a lot about your personality by the type of bagel you choose. So, let’s get into it, shall we?


Chocolate Chip: Kid at Heart 

chocolate chip bagel

Honestly, choosing a chocolate chip bagel for breakfast is like the same as a chocolate chip waffle, or let’s face it, eating a couple squares of chocolate to get revved up for the day. Might as well throw some Strawberry cream cheese on there and call it a Neapolitan, right? It’s basically a dessert already. But hey, no judgment here. Have all the fun you want, kiddo. You only live once, after all! 


Blueberry: Caring

blueberry bagel

For the blueberry bagels of the world, we thank you for your warm and generous contributions to humanity. This bagel may remind you of a warm blueberry muffin right out of the oven, or perhaps a cobbler that your parents used to make. Either way, these bagels are definitely nostalgic. Enjoy your delicious toasty bagel and slather it with melty butter to really go for the “muffin” effect.  


Everything Bagel: Creative 

everything bagel

This one is for those of us who just can’t seem to make up our minds. Don’t want a basic sesame? Fine! Why not throw the kitchen sink at your bagel? Garlic, onions, sesame, poppy seeds… EVERYTHING! But for real, everything bagels are a blessing, and so are you and your creativity! 

When it comes to choosing a spread for your everything bagel, you probably still haven’t decided what to go with… and that’s okay too! Our recommendation? Our Bacon & Chive cream cheese! 


Plain: Easy to please 

plain bagel

Those who love plain bagels are usually easy to please. You probably like vanilla ice cream and prefer your steaks with just salt and pepper and burgers with lettuce, onion, and tomato – no steak sauce or other dressings required. 

And truly, what’s not to love about enjoying a simple, beautiful piece of bread. Throw on a little butter, some original cream cheese, and you’re good to go. But either way, nothing seems to bother you and you keep on     enjoying your plain bagels! 


Pumpernickel: Rebellious

Cue the punk rock. You really like to go against the grain with this one. Like pumpernickel, you can be a bit sour and take some getting used to. Your decision may be questioned by others, who ask if your bagel is horribly burned, but you do not mind. If anything, it makes you proud. And you might decide to eat your bagel at 9pm, because rules are for normies. 


Sesame seed: Classy

sesame bagel

You’re a traditionalist at heart and the thought of anything but original cream cheese and a nice, toasted sesame bagel makes you shiver. Your sneakers are probably always pristine white, the most relatable character on The Office for you is Pam, and you prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi, always. Just an educated guess. 

Multigrain: Dependable  

multigrain bagel

Grains are good for you, right? But you also like the taste of a good ole multigrain bagel. It helps that you can feel good about the choices you’re making. 

You can also scrape the inside of the bagel to cut down on the calories and carbs, or enjoy it with a healthy option such as egg whites and avocado, or peanut butter and banana. Plus, you’re probably coming in from a run or the gym anyways, so why not enjoy your carbs without a second thought!


Salt: Athletic 

salt bagel

Either you’re secretly a horse going after a salt lick, or you just really love these sodium-filled treats. If you’re low on electrolytes and craving these delicious, salty, snacks, you’re probably into running, walking, spinning, or other high cardio activities. Replenish your salt stores in style with a tasty, salt bagel snack. Wash it down with a protein shake and carry on! 


And there you have it. Was our bagel prediction spot on? Let us know which bagel you usually choose and what type of personality you have. We’re curious to find out!

Better yet, let us know your favorite cream cheese. We’ve got plain, bacon and chive, veggie, honey and ginger, strawberry, apple cinnamon, and sundried tomato at K Brew. And don’t be afraid to branch out and try new bagels/cream cheese combos. The creative “Everything bagel” type already knows this and experiments on a regular basis – do you?