We love our Guests! 

K Brew app

All of the hard work done by our Baristas and Bakers eventually leads to that special moment when our door opens, when Knoxvillians and visitors alike decide to spend their money and time with us. We couldn’t be more thankful. 

Like so much of what we do at K Brew, our new app was built out of gratitude for our Guests, and a desire to reward them for getting their coffee and bagels from us. It’s another way we’re saying thank you. 

Launched in late 2021, the app, called K Brew Coffee & Bagels, allows our Guests to order online for pickup, and earn points on purchases that go towards free items. As you visit K Brew more over the year, you gain higher status in our app, earning even better rewards!

There are 4 rewards levels:

  1. Silver: earn 10 points per dollar spent
  2. Gold: earn 11 points per dollar spent
  3. Platinum: earn 12 points per dollar spent
  4. Diamond: earn 13 points per dollar spent, plus other exclusive benefits.
K Brew app

When redeeming points, there are so many items to choose from, everything from a free bagel, to a free large mocha, to a salmon lox bagel sandwich! This is our way of rewarding the loyalty of our amazing Guests. 

K Brew app

And of course, you can use our app at all K Brew locations

K Brew app

To download our app, visit this link.