Sniff out the best pet-friendly shops, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and parks in Knoxville


Knoxville has plenty to offer its visitors and residents. You can grab an espresso at your favorite coffee shop or hit up one of the many boutiques with your friends. Although the city is known for its southern hospitality, the locals love to cater to their four-legged friends as well.  

That’s what makes Knoxville a great place for you and your pup – there are plenty of parks, restaurants, bars, and stores that are pet-friendly. So instead of leaving your pup outside, they can wander the shopping aisles or sit beside you as you enjoy your coffee. Friendly staff will often bring over fresh bowls of water to tend to your dog’s thirst!  

Although we could spend hours writing about our favorite pet-friendly businesses in Knoxville, here are just a few spots recommended by pet owners:

Mast General Store

Head to the heart of Downtown Knoxville for a taste of the historic Market Square. It’s here that you’ll find Mast General Store that invites pets to browze the aisles of the retail landmark. The old-fashion shop is stocked with country gourmet foods, cast iron cookware, hardware old-fashioned toys, and footwear, as well as mercantile items like jams and jellies, real maple syrup, stone ground cornmeal, and comfortable rocking chairs.

Corks Wine & Spirit

On the prowl for something stronger? Corks allow leashed fur friends to join them in-store. Shop wine, beer, and spirits with the shop expert’s knowledge and passion. You can even bring your pet along for a tasting event that hosts a warm and inviting atmosphere. Try a range of perfectly blended beverages to find the best pairings for all your favorite meals. 


PetSafe Village Dog Park

After a bit of shopping, let your pooch loose in one of the many public dog parks around the city. PetSafe Village is Knoxville’s first dog park that offers pets a vacation-like experience. The 1-acre park features walking trails, a natural pond, a doggy water fountain, a full set of agility equipment, plus picnic tables and benches for human friends to relax. So take your dog off the leash and let them roam around their own special play area.  


Concord Dog Park

With almost 4 acres of land, your pet will have from dawn to dust to run, play, and rest in Knoxville’s newest dog park. The land offers three on-site areas, including off-leash spots for small dogs and for large dogs and another beachy off-leash area. Dogs will have fun exploring the water fountains, winding paved and natural surface walking trails, the doggy playground, and a dock with access to the river. Then, after a day of chasing friends and splashing in the water, wash off your pooch in the dog showering facilities. 


K Brew

Get your coffee fix at one of our four K Brew locations, and you and your pup can relax on our patios at our North Knox, West Hills and Ebenezer locations. While each shop has its unique vibe, they are each known for their hammock chairs and specialty latte of the season. We love seeing – and petting – all types of dogs! 


Geezers Brewery

What started as a couple of friends home brewing in a basement is now a 15 barrel production system, a taproom, and widespread distribution throughout Knoxville. Yet, the best part of all? They love for furry friends to join them. Sip on a cold pint of lager, ale, cider, or whatever takes your fancy while your pup enjoys the live local music. You could even stop by for the Geezer’s legendary new beer release night to sample a fresh brew. 


Stock & Barrel  

Tickle your tastebuds with a burger like no other. Stock & Barrel uses fresh, local ingredients to implement a farm-to-table concept in all its dishes. They work with farms in Knoxville to promote local economic sustainability. As a result, their gourmet craft burgers come with the finest bourbons mixed with house-made ingredients to present cocktails and a wide selection of craft beer and wine. Don’t miss out on this Market Square staple. Take your dog along and enjoy your burger and duck fat fries on the pet-friendly patio. 


Southside Garage

Want to taste everything Knoxville has to offer? Head down South to Southside Garage’s bar and food truck park. The family-friendly space offers a large selection of local craft beers and Knoxville’s finest food trucks that take turns to serve their dishes. You and your pet can tuck into freshly cooked food outside on the large patio or walk through the big garage doors to eat inside with your pooch. You can expect fun and games, from Trivia Tuesday to their legendary MASHUP events, where various food trucks mix up their menu items. 


What location will you sniff out?

Knoxville is a dog-friendly city, and most businesses are more than happy to host your pooch on their patio. Even if it’s raining, plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants will welcome you and your pet inside. There’s no reason why you and your furry friends can’t enjoy everything Knoxville has to offer, from its bourbon burgers to delicious specialty lattes. Plus, after a day of exploring, you can unwind in one of the many PetSafe public dog parks around Knox County. There’s no better place to bring your fur-friend.