What Your Go-To Coffee Order Says About You


Coffee is a universal beverage. You’ll find coffee drinkers in every profession, every city, in every corner of the earth. Coffee is the encouragement to get out of bed in the mornings and the energy we need to get through busy afternoons. Sometimes, it’s an extra bit of comfort during a rough week, or the perfect nightcap after a long day. Humans love their coffee. But we all love it in our own way. Served black, over ice, strong espressos, mochas…the list goes on and on. For every unique personality, there’s a unique coffee order. In fact, some people think that our coffee order actually reveals a lot about the kind of person we are, and a few professionals even agree! Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula wrote a book on the subject after studying the habits of 1,000 coffee drinkers. We took his findings, sprinkled in a few of our own observations from our K Brew coffee shops in Knoxville, and concocted our list of coffee personalities. Read on to see what your go-to coffee order says about you. 

coffee in mug on top of coffee beans

Black Coffee: Refined & Single-Minded

If you prefer your coffee in its purest form, then chances are you’re an old-school classic. You don’t see the point in messing with a good thing. You like your coffee like you like most things in life: reliable and purpose-driven. You probably have a specific blend or a preferred roast, but you aren’t a snob about it. Black coffee drinkers can be very routine-oriented and calculated when making changes to their lives. For the most part, black coffee drinkers are focused, patient people who don’t need a lot of extras to be satisfied. 


Trait Takeaways: 

  • Classic
  • Simple, in a good way
  • Focused
  • Routine-oriented


Mentality: If it ain’t broke…

hot latte in mug with leaf art

Lattes: The Moderate Goldilocks

Latte drinkers are those “get along with everyone” people. Like black coffee drinkers, they don’t need much, but they do need a little more. That touch of added warm milk is like a hand-crocheted cardigan on the first day of fall; do you need it? No, but it just feels better to have it. Latte drinkers are mild-mannered and can adjust well to life’s ups and downs. They are often generous with their time and are happy with long talks with friends and neighbors.


Trait Takeaways: 


  • Moderate


  • Sensible


  • Low maintenance


  • Hopeful


  • Comfort-seeking


Mentality: Go with the flow…

kbrew iced coffee pour

Iced Coffee: Trendy & Resilient

Iced coffee drinkers tend to go against the grain; they do what makes sense to them, regardless of whether it makes sense to anyone else. It could be 30 degrees outside, but if they want an iced coffee, they are going to get one. What began as a trend is now just a way of life. For these individualists, iced coffee is the best way to make coffee an anytime beverage, not just a morning ritual. They’ve got places to go and people to see—they simply do not have time to wait for their caffeine to cool down enough to sip. These coffee drinkers probably prefer a milk alternative in their coffee (we’re looking at you, almond and oat milk). They might even carry their own reusable straw. Many people might view iced coffee drinkers as stubborn, and although they can be, the truth is that they just aren’t afraid to question the status quo. Sometimes a bit of a social disrupter, they don’t believe in the phrase “well that’s just how it’s always been done.”  


Trait Takeaways:


  • Independent


  • Trendy


  • Modern


  • Busy


  • Intentional


Mentality: Where there is no way, I’ll make one. 

espresso machine pour

Espresso: Powerful & Confident

Sipping espresso is not for the faint of heart. This shot of extra-strength brew is for the person who knows exactly what they want and what they are capable of. Espresso drinkers are no-nonsense and no-time-wasted. Espresso gets straight to the point: it’s about intense taste, and intense experience. Although most espresso drinkers move through their days at a record pace, there is a particular sect who knows how and when to slow down – when it’s time to savor that perfect shot of espresso. This person may be busy during the day but can relax into the evening’s activities. This espresso drinker enjoys long, meaningful conversations, meandering evenings, and meals that feel like a celebration. These are generally very impressive people who know how to enjoy the finer things in life. 


Trait Takeaways:

  • Confident
  • Self-assured
  • Go-getter
  • Well-traveled
  • Hard-working
  • Resolute


Mentality: Work hard, play hard.

mocha with whipped cream in mug

Mochas: Young at Heart

Mocha fiends are anything but pretentious. They never left their childhood vices behind because, frankly, they saw no reason to! If they can get that coffee boost from a cute, delicious drink that rivals a hot chocolate…then why wouldn’t they? Mocha latte drinkers tend to be social butterflies, thriving in the company of others. In fact, they view their local coffee shop as a place to hang out with friends, not a place to work or think over the particulars of a certain kind of coffee brew. They know that life is too short to deny themselves simple pleasures like a warm, chocolatey beverage. They are often young and carefree, fun, warm, and nostalgic… just like a mocha.

Trait Takeaways:

  • Playful
  • Youthful
  • Energetic
  • Fun
  • Warm

Mentality: Why not?


All Coffee Personalities Welcome!

The beautiful thing about a local coffee shop is that you can find all these coffee personalities together, bonding over their favorite drink. Whether it’s straight espresso or an indulgent Honey Lavender Latte, what’s important is that you fall in love with your favorite drink. If you aren’t sure what your coffee personality is, come visit K Brew at one of our four Knoxville locations and we’ll help you figure it out! Like the mocha coffee drinkers would say, why not?!