If you’re looking for a refreshing option to get your caffeine (and can’t stand the thought of hot coffee in the summer) look to cold brew and the iced americano to save the day! There are so many cold coffee options nowadays, it can be hard to tell the difference. But we’re here to help. 

Many cafes feature cold brew as a regular menu item. Today, cold brew competes with iced americanos, iced lattes, and other summer drinks like iced teas or blended coffees. The question now is, “What’s the difference?”

The cold brew method involves using cold water instead of hot water and brewing slowly over a period of 12. A sediment-free cup is then produced by filtering it. It will taste more delicate and have less acidity since cold brew isn’t heated.

In contrast, an iced Americano is created by pouring hot espresso over ice and water.

Of course, hot brewed takes less time than cold brew, but cold brew also produces coffee that is highly drinkable and low in acidity, making it ideal for those who are sensitive to strong flavors. With cold brew you can also store it for up to ten days without losing flavor. Almost like meal-prepping your coffee!

Additionally, cold brew is easier to prepare at home since no elaborate equipment is required, as is the case with the iced americano.

Cold brew vs. iced americano: Mechanics

Adding espresso to cold water and ice makes an iced Americano. As the coffee drains directly onto ice and cold water while brewing, it becomes chilled as it seeps down.

To prepare cold brew, you need to saturate the ground coffee in cold water from the beginning. Cold-brewed coffee changes dramatically in flavor throughout the brewing process. This is due to the slower extraction rate of sugar, oil, acid, and flavor compared to hot brewed coffee or even espresso.

Cold brewed coffee is usually prepared for 12 hours. Once steeped, the brew and grounds are separated through filtration. As a result, you get a product that’s full-bodied and subtle on the palate with hints of chocolate, nuts, and red fruits.

Iced Americano vs. cold brew: A taste comparison

Despite their slightly different flavors and caffeine contents, iced Americanos and cold brew coffees are both types of iced coffees. Let’s compare the tastes of iced Americano and cold brew.

The taste of each coffee is unique. Cold brew coffee tastes stronger than an iced Americano. In short, while both iced Americano’s and cold brew’s are cold coffee drinks, they have entirely different flavors from espresso coffee to beans that have been steeped longer.

An espresso shot is poured into a glass containing ice cubes and cold water. Due to the hot water used in the first step, traditional American iced coffee has sharp acids and bitterness. This is a crisp, sweet, and a refreshing drink.

In contrast, cold brewing typically results in a drink that is about two-thirds less acidic and bitter. For Cold Brew coffee, this results in a completely different taste experience. There is a smoother texture, but the taste is no less satisfying. Add ground coffee to a large container, add cold water, and then allow it to sit for a few hours. It is strained and ready to consume after steeping for 12-20 hours.

If you want hands on experience in comparing the two, come by any of our locations and try some of our Cold Brew or an Iced Americano. You’ll be glad you did. If you like them, it is even possible to make these popular drinks at home with a few coffee accessories of your own!