With summer comes an excitement like no other season, and we’re celebrating with our latest & greatest menu addition. If sunshine had a flavor, we’re pretty sure it would taste something like our new Orange Blossom Matcha Latte! This limited time offering is like a love letter to the warm days that warm our hearts in return. Brilliantly crafted in-house by one of our very own baristas, read on to know everything about this delicious creation!

iced orange blossom matcha latte

The Orange Blossom Matcha Latte

Here at K Brew, we have a special love for homegrown greatness. With a refreshing twist on a coffee house classic, the Orange Blossom Matcha Latte was crafted in-house by our talented barista Brighton. Our incredibly creative team is constantly wowing us with their skills and this recipe was so good we just had to share.

The Orange Blossom Matcha Latte is a sweet, refreshing take on the traditional matcha tea latte. The sweetness and subtle orange and botanical flavors of our house-made orange blossom simple syrup pair perfectly with the organic matcha powder, creating a drink that is both unique and appealing to everyone! The orange blossom syrup contains orange blossom water, sugar, vanilla extract and purified water. This beverage is available hot or iced in small, medium, and large.

In addition to our new OB Matcha, the fan-favorite Summer Berry Cold Brew is still available for a limited time! Manifested by our wonderful barista Sarah, it is truly a unique treat. A smooth and balanced berry-flavored cold brew topped with delightfully purple sweet berry foam, it features a house-made syrup of sugary blueberries and blackberries. Our lattes can also be made dairy-free by substituting with oat milk or almond milk!

summer berry cold brew coffee

The K Brew Baristas

These fantastic summer inventions could have never happened without our hard working and innovative baristas! At K Brew we are always proud of our team, and know we are blessed with some of the best of the industry working under our collective rooftops.

We want to share our gratitude for Brighton and Sarah’s creations and highlight their outstanding accomplishments. Since 2015 our baristas have taken part in K Brew’s Feature Drink program, and if their unique recipe is chosen, they receive 5% of every sale of the drink! We’re proud to have awarded tens of thousands of dollars to our baristas who have captured lightning in a cup with their specially crafted drinks.

Whether you need something to cool you down midday or give you your morning zing, these exclusive and limited edition drinks are sure to satisfy. Just make sure you stop in to try them before they’ve zipped on by like the carefree days of summer!

(Pro Tip — skip the line by ordering ahead!)

Visit us and stay awhile at any of our four convenient locations around Knoxville — we can’t wait to see you here at K Brew!