We’re excited to announce that our latest app reward helps you pay it forward!

Turn Your K Brew Experience Into Donations! 

We’ve expanded our loyalty program to let guests turn their rewards into donations!

It’s a win-win for you and Knoxville. 

We’re proud to support two local non-profit organizations with this new feature, Young Williams and Keep Knoxville Beautiful

Young Williams helps every animal find a loving home. Their S-A-V-E-S fund provides veterinary care to animals in need, so they can be placed up for adoption!

Keep Knoxville Beautiful aims to improve our community through cleanups, environmental education, adopt-a-road programs, and beautification projects. 

Once you’ve earned 750 points on K Brew’s app, you can select the donation reward, and we’ll donate $5 directly to one of these incredible programs! Just select reward on the app, and we’ll take it from there. 

kbrew rewards program

Drink coffee, eat bagels, earn free stuff (or donate!). Sound good?

If you aren’t already aware of our loyalty points program, here’s how it works…

Download our app, and start placing your usual orders for pickup at your local K Brew

You’ll get points that count toward one of four exclusive rewards levels! 

  1. Silver: Earn 10 cents for every dollar spent.
  1. Gold: Earn 11 points for every dollar spent.
  1. Platinum: Earn 12 points for every dollar spent.
  1. Diamond: Earn 13 points for every dollar spend. 

Every point you earn puts you closer to something awesome, like a free bagel, large mocha, or even a salmon lox bagel sandwich! 🙌

All you have to do is buy your usual order through the app, and we’ll apply the points directly to your account.

Earn No Matter Where You Brew ☕

Our app allows you to place pickup orders and earn points at all four K Brew locations. So, no matter where your adventures take you, we’ll be there with the freshest coffee, housemade bagels, and reward points to say thank you. 

Ready to start earning? Go to www.kbrew.life/app, or search “K Brew” on your app store and tap our logo to download.