Coffee is a beloved drink worldwide, enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures. At K Brew, we roast our own beans locally and package them so you can enjoy your favorite roast in the comfort of your own home. But many people don’t know the importance of storing your coffee correctly to keep its great flavor and aroma.

Here are some tips on how to store your coffee the right way.

Avoid Moisture

To maintain freshness, avoid putting your coffee grounds (whether for brewed coffee or espresso) in areas with a lot of dampness—especially in your refrigerator, which is one of the most humid locations in your kitchen. Humidity can cause the moisture in your grounds to evaporate, resulting in stale coffee. It’s much better to keep your coffee in a cupboard or cabinet to eliminate as much exposure to moisture as possible.

Check Expiration Dates

Coffee doesn’t last forever. Check both the expiration date and the roast date on the packaging to ensure that your coffee stays fresh. Treat the expiration date as a point of no return, but try to grind and consume all of the coffee in a bag within three or four weeks of its roast date. This may mean not stocking up as much as you want to, but it will ensure that the coffee in your cup is the best it can be each time you take a drink.

Freeze Excess Beans

If you want to buy in bulk, storing beans in your freezer can help them last longer, but they won’t last forever. When you freeze beans, avoid moisture to reduce the chances of freezer burn, and be sure to use freezer-specific bags. Simply defrost your beans for about 24 hours before use.

Seal Tightly in a Container

Oxygen is another factor to consider when keeping your coffee fresh. In stores, most coffee grounds are vacuum-sealed because it reduces oxidation in the coffee. When possible, use air-tight containers to store your beans and grounds. Bags, canisters, and jars are all okay to use, just as long as they have tight lids to keep all that freshness and as little oxygen as possible inside.

Use Grounds Quickly pouring grounds into pour over coffee filter

Use coffee beans within three or four weeks of opening the package, or 1 week after grinding the beans, at most. Coffee grounds and beans eventually go bad, no matter how tightly sealed the container or how well-roasted the specialty coffee is. As a rule of thumb, you should always try to utilize any coffee you buy before it goes stale—if it’s ground, within a week is even better. If you don’t think you can go through that amount of coffee, stick it in the freezer–or offer it to a friend!

Keep the Beans Whole

To ensure freshness, wait to grind beans until right before you use them to brew your coffee. Whole bean coffee lasts much longer than its ground counterpart. This is because whole beans are less likely to absorb moisture and oxygen. Plus, grinding beans whole allows the essential oils to release to provide a fresher cup of coffee. Finding an affordable coffee grinder is super easy and makes a world of difference to your morning coffee routine. We recommend finding a burr grinder, instead of a blade grinder, for even grind size and better coffee. 

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With the tips above, you’ll keep your coffee fresh for a delicious cup every day–or multiple times a day (we encourage it!). If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee in Knoxville, K Brew offers four locations locally and an online shop where you can get your hands on beans and grounds (we will even grind on-site) for all your black gold needs. Check us out at