1. Our new app is launching next week! 
  2. Simply update your app next week to get the new version. All of your data, point balance, point tier and history will automatically be transferred.
  3. Our new app fixes bugs, simplifies the ordering process, improves membership status perks, and improves availability of products.

Here’s the full scoop…

Earlier this year, we performed our annual Guest Experience Survey. The biggest single request for improvement was our mobile app. We already knew there were some issues, but we discovered that this was the single biggest issues that our Guests had. After reading the feedback, we set into motion a plan for rebuilding the app, and we think that this new app will solve all of the big problems, with several cool new features.

Here are some of the fixes and features:

  • Earn loyalty points when you order on the app or online, and if you order in-store, simply scan your QR code in the app, or use your phone number, to receive points. No more complicated one-time codes! 
  • Enjoy faster loading times and in-app experience. Our new app takes advantage of optimized design that speeds up the browsing process. 
  • Experience faster syncing times with our in-store stock, meaning a significantly reduced chance you’ll order something that we’re out of. 
  • Use gift cards online and in the app. 
  • Order catering, including bakers dozen bagels and coffee packs through our app, now earning points on those purchases! (anticipated launch of this feature in October) 

The structure of our loyalty status will now have better ways to earn points and status, along with exclusive perks for higher status members. Points act the same: dollars spent convert to points, and those points can be used in our points shop to get free products! 

Here’s a look at our Status levels: 

  • Silver Status: Earn 10 points per dollar spent. This is where everyone begins upon becoming a loyalty member. As a loyalty member, enjoy redeeming points for free items in our points shop, regular discount and coupon drops, and fast ordering in our app. 
  • Gold Status: Earn 11 points per dollar spent. Achieve this status with $75 spend per month or 8 visits per month. 
  • Platinum Status: Earn 12 points per dollar spent. Achieve this status with $150 spend per month or 15 visits per month. 
  • Diamond Status: Earn 13 points per dollar spent. Enjoy pre-release merch drops and other Diamond Perks. Achieve this status with $250 spend per month or 20 visits per month. 
  • Diamond Elite Status: Earn 15 points per dollar spent. Enjoy exclusive access to new and small batch coffees, private release merch, early release tastings of Feature bagels and Feature drinks, coffee Roastery tours with cupping classes, VIP Guest Discussion, and other Diamond Elite perks. Achieve this status with $400 spend per month or 30 visits per month. 

Plus, your status lasts for the following 30 days, allowing your points to accrue longer. 

So that’s our new app! You will see the update next week. Thank you to everyone who completed our Guest Experience Survey. As always, your feedback is what makes us a better local business for our community.