There’s something about making an artisanal cup of coffee yourself that’s oh-so satisfying. And if you happen to like your coffee clean, light and sweet, then a Chemex may be for you!

A Chemex is a manual pour-over-style glass coffee maker we think looks quite stylish. It has an hourglass shape, with a wooden collar that serves as a handle. Some have a glass handle. And we’re here to tell you how to use one to brew the perfect cup of coffee!

How to Brew Coffee Using a Chemex

To make coffee using a Chemex, grab a scale, your 6 or 8-cup Chemex, and a Chemex filter. These thick filters remove even the finest sediment, resulting in that unique taste.

Step 1: Grind your coffee beans

Grind your beans to a medium, coarse ground. Use 36 grams for a 6-cup Chemex, and 43 grams for an 8-cup version.

Step 2: Insert the filter

Shape a coffee filter into a cone, so one side of the cone has three layers. Place it into the top of the Chemex. The three-layer portion should cover the pouring spout.

chemexStep 3: Add coffee 

For a 15-ounce cup of coffee (or almost two standard cups of coffee), add 3 rounded tablespoons of coffee grinds into the filter.

Step 4: Let it ‘bloom’

Boil water (1 cup of water for every 3 tablespoons of coffee). Remove from heat and let the boiling stop. Wet the grinds by pouring a little water over them in a circular motion. Give them 30 seconds to “bloom.” This is where the grinds release carbon dioxide and expand. Water replaces the gas, and starts the brewing process.

Step 5: Pour water

When the grinds have bloomed, slowly pour more water over them. Keep the water level no more than a quarter inch from the top of the Chemex.

Step 6: Keep on brewing

Pour the rest of the water over the grinds gradually, in a circular or back-and-forth motion, to saturate the grids evenly.

Step 7: Remove and dispose of the filter

Lift the filter out of the Chemex once you’ve brewed your desired amount of coffee. Pour that gloriously brewed coffee into your favorite mug and enjoy!


Caring for Your Chemex Coffee Maker

With gentle handling and cleaning, you can use your Chemex for a lifetime. Here’s how:

Washing your Chemex

For daily cleaning, hand wash your Chemex with warm water and dish soap, or place it in the dishwasher. Remove the wooden handle before any washing.

For a deeper clean that tackles oily residue or a cloudy appearance, pour equal amounts of distilled white vinegar and warm water into the Chemex. Fill it completely. Wait a few hours or overnight to loosen the oils or build-up.

Pour out the liquid. Run warm water into the Chemex as you scrub the insides with a bottle brush. Once clean, wash it with dish soap and water. Then let it dry.

Brew Your Own Chemex Coffee at Home

using a chemexAt K Brew coffee shop, we sell Chemex coffee makers and Chemex filters online and on-site, so you can easily brew your coffee at home. 

Prefer to try before you buy? No problem — stop by any K Brew location (or order ahead) and ask for a coffee brewed with a Chemex. Then tell us what you think!