Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Macaroni and cheese. We’d like to add K Brew’s specialty espresso drinks and Cruze Farm’s local dairy to the list of perfect pairings.

Cruze Farm’s milk blends beautifully with K Brew’s espresso, crafted from beans that are roasted locally in our coffee roastery.

Meet Cruze Farm

Cruze Farm Girl CassieWe love Cruze Farm because they’re a local family-owned dairy farm that raises its Jersey cows without the use of hormones. The cows are on pasture every day of the year, and are mostly raised on milk, hay, pasture, and minerals. They’re only supplemented with custom-formulated feeds when it’s necessary.

Cruze Farm was established on April 21, 1980, and has been providing its cows with healthy pastures ever since. Founders Earl and Cheri worked hard to ensure the pastures have enough grazing residual to protect the soil’s microbiological balance. They don’t use sprays or chemical fertilizers.

The result is happy cows that produce tasty milk. Jersey cows, in particular, produce rich milk, which is supported by a vibrant soil microbiology.

Specialty Espresso Drinks from K Brew Coffee Shop

Back at K Brew, espresso is the foundation of many of our coffee drinks. It’s a concentrated version of coffee served in small, strong shots, and it’s stronger, thicker, and more caffeinated than regular coffee.

We use a custom blend of coffees to make our espresso, which is then crafted by forcing pressurized hot water through the finely ground coffee in an espresso machine.

You can experience the pairing of Cruze Farm milk with K Brew espresso in a few of our drinks:

pouring milk into latte Antoccino
Signature Espresso with four ounces of Cruze Farm milk

Signature Espresso with six ounces of Cruze Farm milk

Signature Espresso with Cruze Farm milk (Don’t forget to check out our specialty flavors like Honey Lavendar or Cinnamon Vanilla!)

Signature Espresso, organic chocolate, Cruze Farm milk, and chocolate whipped cream

If you’re feeling peckish, we recommend enjoying your specialty espresso drink with a bagel or chocolate chip cookie, both available at K Brew.

Non-Dairy Alternatives at K Brew

Avoiding dairy? We’re happy to swap milk for non-local dairy alternatives, like oat milk and almond milk. Just let us know which alternative you prefer when you place your order.

Taste the freshness and full flavor of locally sourced milk and locally roasted coffee beans. Drop by one of K Brew’s four locations in Knoxville to try a K Brew specialty espresso drink, or order online to have your drink ready for pickup.