There is nothing like a really good cup of coffee, am I right? Just the smell alone can take you to another place. At K Brew Coffees, we focus on the craft of coffee making to ensure we produce the highest quality and most delicious tasting coffee. Our coffee and espresso drinks are made with our own roasted coffee. We take pride in the quality of our single origin coffees, signature blends and rich espresso.

We have several options to take home so you can enjoy our delicious coffee and espresso from the comfort of your own home. Whether you enjoy tasty notes of Honeydew and Chocolate or if you prefer a smooth hit of espresso with hints of Sweet Caramel and Grapefruit, we got you covered!

Our coffees are smooth and delicious and will escape you to Peru, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, and Columbia with one sip.

We are delighted to bring to you smooth, rich coffee from the finest beans.

Our selection includes:

Marble City Blend: This is our first choice for batch brew and one of our most popular blends. It produces a smooth cup with notes of Honeydew, Pecan, and Chocolate Covered Orange and sure to win you over!

Signature Espresso Blend: Our espresso is lovely blend of the finest beans from Peru, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, and Columbia. This is a customer favorite and will delight your taste buds with hints of Chocolate, Grapefruit and Sweet Caramel.

Single Origin Coffees: We are delighted to bring our customers special treats from around the world. We find farmers who are passionate about their trade and work hard to deliver the most exotic single blends. We rotate our single origin coffees, so you can sample flavors from all over!

Decaf Single Origin: Our decaf single origin coffee stands up against any regular coffee and has bold, rich flavors that will make all your coffee dreams come true without the caffeine. Our single origin decaf is a Mexican bean that uses Mountain Water Processing instead of harsh chemicals for decaffeination. This coffee packs a delicious punch of flavor with notes of Clove, Almond and Graham Cracker. If you are looking for a decaf that tastes as rich as full caffeinated coffee, this is for you!

Knoxville’s Source for the Finest Coffee

K Brew is locally owned by two brothers who are proud to be Knoxville natives. They work tirelessly to maintain their reputation as the best coffee shop in Knoxville and believe it starts with the coffee they serve. At K Brew, you can expect to be served the highest quality coffee and espresso every single time you come in.

Want to make your own? No problem!