There is something about walking into a local coffee shop and taking in the surroundings. It feels like home to be greeted by friendly and professional baristas who know your name and genuinely care about your experience. It feels refreshing to breath in tantalizing aromas from the highest quality blends and freshly baked bagels. It feels inspiring to sip on uniquely crafted coffee drinks you can’t get anywhere else.

At K Brew, this is the experience we work so tirelessly to create for our customers. We value every single one of our customers and are dedicated to giving them the best experience every time they walk through our doors. We are so grateful to have grown to three locations and have made each one into its own beautiful, unique, and inspiring setting.

Come see us at K Brew for the ultimate coffee house experience in Knoxville!

Come Enjoy Our Power Hour

Our power hour is every Monday – Friday from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
During our Power Hour, you can get:

  • $1 Drip
  • $1 Cappuccinos
  • $1 Bagels
  • $6 Bakers Dozen Bagels

Now you can enjoy our handmade bagels and delicious coffee for $1 as you round out your day. Whether you are studying for a big test, meeting a client to discuss business, or meeting with friends to talk about life, our Power Hour is the perfect time to experience the K Brew experience for less!

Bagels Like You’ve Never Experienced!

We bake our bagels fresh daily at our bakery and deliver them to our stores every morning. We create the most delicious blends of cream cheese at our bakery, including Bacon and Chive, Honey Ginger and Strawberry. For a fresh, soft, bagel that you can’t get anywhere else, come see us at K Brew!

Coffee You Can Count On!

Whether you are planning a meeting with a current or potential client, you are taking someone on your first coffee date or if you are looking for a local Knoxville coffee shop with a fun, uplifting vibe, we got you covered! With three convenient locations, you are sure to be near one! When you come in, you can always count on the highest quality coffee and bagels and an experience that makes you feel happy and uplifted as you leave. We bring the coffee, the bagels, and the vibe to make your experience one you will smile about for days!

Ready, Set, Brew!