Thanks for checking out job opportunities with us! K Brew is one of Knoxville’s most exciting small businesses. Our first coffee shop began in 2013, and since then, we’ve rapidly expanded to 3 locations, a full kitchen making food for our stores, and a coffee roasting facility where we roast all of our beans. We are constantly looking for passionate, hospitality-focused individuals who can serve our customers with excellence, grow our company by providing input to our management, and contribute to our amazing company culture. We also regularly hire new team members for our kitchen, located at our West Hills location. Whether you’re looking for a career in coffee, baking, or just want to work with us for a year or longer, we invite you to apply by visiting this link or scanning the QR code!

If you’re interested in learning new skills, K Brew will be a great fit for you. Unlike many other craft coffee shops, we hire based on personality, not prior experience. Our extensive training program covers coffee and espresso preparation, transforming you into a barista over time – even years into the job, you’ll still be learning more about the world of hospitality and coffee! We also cover professionalism and a host of other topics in our training. As a baker in our kitchen, you’ll be taught extensive baking and food preparation techniques. Whether you work as a barista or baker, you will take your training and experience at K Brew with you, wherever your long-term career leads you. Our company has hired, trained, and employed many amazing people over the years who have eventually transitioned to other companies – they speak highly of their time at K Brew!


Working at K Brew is a very social experience. Your coworkers will quickly become your friends, just as you begin to get on a first-name basis with the people you serve coffee and bagels to every day. In our hiring, we look for people who love be around others, to socialize and be in the community. Day-to-day operations involve a lot of communication and team work; it’s very rewarding if you’re a people-person!


Our team culture at K Brew revolves around not taking ourselves too seriously, but taking our product and service very seriously. We understand that working for a local business can sometimes bring a lot of headaches, and we do our best to avoid these problems; you’ll find that our communication systems, policies, supervisor system, support, and technology are organized, effective, and centered around freeing you up to serve our great guests. As a member of the K Brew team, you’ll be encouraged to organize events for your team, contribute on our team’s app, attend occasional team meetings, and create new drinks to be featured onto K Brew’s menu. We’re confident you’ll love the culture that we’ve created!


Compensation at K Brew is competitive with many larger hospitality and food service companies. We offer a straightforward pay structure, with raises and bonuses on top of base pay. Our promotion opportunities are offered to our existing staff first, whenever possible, meaning you’ll have an added advantage when those positions become available.


Scheduling at K Brew is flexible, able to match your current lifestyle. Whether you’re a student needing evening hours, or in need of full-time employment, we’ve worked with almost every type of schedule. We invite you to fill out our application for more information!