The K in K Brew stands for Knoxville, making the city an integral part of our existence. As a local coffee shop, we enjoy being a part of the Knoxville community and growing along with it. Our popup partnerships are designed to invest in that growth by partnering with local businesses to promote exposure and further foster our community. Fill our short survey by clicking on the link below or scanning the QR code!


Because our popups are a partnership, we’ll work together to promote our partners and help them gain exposure. Using our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, we’ll share your story and products on our social media page, so you can reach our followers. Our accounts are active daily keeping our customers engaged. We’ll further promote when and where your popup will take place; Tell us what you’re bringing and where, and we’ll help you get the exposure you deserve. In return, we ask you feature us on your social media accounts to promote the growth of a fellow local business.

The extra advantage of a popup is it reaches people online and in person when they come into the coffee shop. A space is dedicated just for you to display your products and services. Let us know what you’re bringing; we’ll designate a space for your materials and products. You can choose to popup at our West Knox, North Knox, or Downtown locations, or a mixture of them all. Each location is ready and able to help you out. We’ll even let you know when our busiest times are for the days you select, so you can be sure everyone sees what you’ve got to offer!

Tennessee sign on Gay Street in Knoxville, TN

We’ve had great success in the past with our partners. Flourish Flower Truck has partnered with us a few times naming us as “one of [their] regular pop-up spots since day one.” If you don’t believe us, Flourish Flower Truck’s experience with us shows we can achieve what we desire to: “Partnering with you all is one of our customers favorite spots. The combination of coffee and flowers is already great, but when you add in being able to shop from two local Knoxville small businesses, I think people really enjoy that we offer that opportunity. You bring us a great crowed of customers that we love to serve alongside of you all.”

Retro Local is another of our past partners. They enjoyed their experience because “pop-ups with K Brew have been so helpful with showing my business to the community. Customers being able to see my product outside of the digital world has been so beneficial and positive towards my growth in Knoxville.” We’re not just full of steam on this; we’re just as invested as you are. Retro Local also added that their “favorite thing has been the ease of scheduling/set-up/tear down at the location.”

Local businesses unite, right?

Let’s partner up to remind our community of all its great and growing local businesses.